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Why Use Presets

Wherever you are on the spectrum, from beginner to pro in photography, Lightroom presets are for you. Lightroom presets are like filters for photos and here are 3 reasons why they’re important.

1. Presets help cut your editing time, especially for photographers on a time crunch.

As a business, increasing productivity is important so that you can earn more money… Simply apply a preset to a series of photos and you can reduce the amount of time you spend editing them, so that you can spend more time on more important things like marketing, sourcing clients, etc.

2. Presets are a great way to enhance your every-day photos, as a foodie, a new mommy, a world traveler, etc.

Your little moments deserve to be romanticized and celebrated. By using presets to edit those photos, you are giving life, color and feel to them. This way, life's little and ordinary moments can feel even more special.

3. Presets help create brand clarity on social media.

As you're freelancing, starting and growing your business or personal brand, having a clear and strong presence online is important. What presets do is create uniformity in the photos you post.

I will admit this. It took time for me to figure out what my own Instagram page would be about, what and how I would post. I changed styles, filters, vision, etc. Should I show you how 'confused' my page looked?

Striving for brand clarity was what led to elevating my online presence and, in turn, presenting myself on the internet in a more cohesive and effective way.

When building your personal or business brand, you want people to see your posts and immediately recognize your brand. Presets have the power to do just that.

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