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a little bit about me...

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hi, there!

My name is Mélissa Jeanty. I’m the founder and CEO of MelJeanty & Co, a growing website and digital marketing agency, where we provide multicultural & intentional marketing for mission-driven leaders and entrepreneurs.


Professionally, I’m a Marketing and Communication Specialist. My expertise extends to photography and videography, graphic and website design, social media marketing, and brand development. 

Fun fact: I also hold a Bachelor's degree in Biology and a Master's degree in Public Health and Health Promotion.

I was born and raised in Port-au-Prince, in a family with a legacy of Christian missions and ministry. I’ve also lived in and visited a few countries, including Congo (DRC), Rwanda, Cuba, DR, the UK, France, Spain, Portugal and India. 

If you and I connect on social media, you’ll soon realize that I’m a huge fan of traveling, the MCU, food, nature, Jesus, poetry, Haiti, and Sabbath, among other things.


Most of all, I am passionate about intentional living, business and creativity, and my hope is to make a lasting impact on my community through my work and life.


you can find me...

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