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Why do Family Portraits?

There's something special about spending time with a family and capturing precious moments they can keep for a very long time. Last month, I got to spend time with two beautiful families in Port-au-Prince. Each shoot was unique, with its own constraints and its own joys. Here are three things I learned in the process...

1. Family shoots are a wonderful way to hold on to the love.

When families come together to have their photos taken, it's not only a fun activity but also one that solidifies the bond. I make sure my families laugh together. Through different poses, I make sure they connect with one another through touch, conversation, music even. My goal during my family sessions is to make sure the time is restorative, that each person ends up seeing and feeling how much they love one another.

2. Family shoots are time-sensitive.

We don't know what the future holds so having the opportunity to create memories, to see them, print them and keep them around is key.

I wish I'd taken or invested in more family photos when my grandfather was still alive or when my brother was still at home. My love for them stands strong still but, beautiful visuals to remember our times together well would've simply been better.

3. Family shoots are not complicated.

A lot of times, we think a family photoshoot session means everyone dressing up, matching outfits, glamour and best behavior all around. Sometimes yes, that is a beautiful concept. However, sometimes the rawest, simplest sessions are the most intimate and enjoyable ones. Why? Because there's no pressure. The focus is on capturing the moment, inviting joy, celebrating the 'now'. Relationships are not perfect, so the focus doesn't have to be on looking perfect. Instead, it can be on looking real. And yes, real is beautiful.

So, for your next family photoshoot session, be swift, be intentional, and most importantly, let go of the pressure. Book a date, we'll figure out a location, and at the end of the day, we'll simply have fun...


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