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The Power of Video

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

I recently completed a video project for Collège Évangélique Maranatha, a school located on the Bolosse campus, that fell victim to the unrest in the Martissant area.

With all the COVID precautions we could take, we filmed the project in one afternoon and I was able to edit and deliver two beautiful videos that would hopefully bring support to the school for the coming academic year.

They could've chosen images, photos and graphics to bring their point across. But they chose video. And by investing into this project, they saw great results in terms of views (13K and up), shares (~500) and overall engagement since last Tuesday 23/06.

You can watch both videos right here or visit the MelJeanty YouTube channel to watch all my client videos on there. You can also visit my site to find out pricing and request a quote for yours or your friend's next video project right here. And for a general list of the services I offer (in French), you can download it by clicking on the "MelJeanty - Brochure" tab below..

MelJeanty - Brochure
Download PDF • 14.98MB



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