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Shooting Love

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

One of my many privileges as a photographer is to meet with people who don't necessarily enjoy the photography process but are hopeful for the results of it. I love having sessions with those that are not necessarily comfortable in front of a camera. I know what it feels like because, though I push myself out of my comfort zone when I take self-portraits, I am still not a 'natural' in front of the lens.

When I met up with Sam and Abbie, whether they were comfortable being photographed or not, I wanted them to enjoy the whole session. I wanted to make them happy, make them laugh, and make them enjoy the process just as much as the results. I personally had an amazing time shooting with them. I got to hear the story of how they met on the way back, which was also amazing.

I learned 3 things while 'shooting love':

  1. You can create a space where a couple feels at ease enough to be themselves in front of you and your camera (which includes verbal encouragements, and you also showing that you enjoy the process). However, you may not be able to manufacture raw and real sentiments if they are not already there (especially if those being photographs are not professional actors/models).

  2. Drawing out 'feelings' takes time and patience; it requires listening to the couple, getting to know how they function with one another and what makes them who they are.

  3. Don't be afraid to tell them what to do but, know that often, the best photographs (and what I call 'best' is photographs that are most genuine and real) will be at the end of your shoot, where trust has been established, where guards are down and where you completely fade away in their world.

I could talk more about the whole experience but let me show you instead. However, if you do have questions and comments for me, please leave them below!



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