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Photography for the Average Person

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Some of us fell in love and learned photography through school, practice, or simple trial-and-error. But some of you will not want to invest time and money into classes, software or gear. In fact, some of you might not even care too much about the technical/science behind photography.

But let's be real: you do need to know your way around a camera as well as many many things in order to capture images well; which is why it's important to hire professionals like me ;D.

However, for your every-day use, you can easily learn to capture better pictures for your Instagram account or on your next holiday trip. Let me share with you some quick and easy tips.

Tip #1: Your lens
Please, please, please make sure that it's clean. You can simply wipe your phone's camera with your t-shirt and it would do the trick. Trust me; it makes a huge difference.

Tip #2: Find the light

If you're using sunlight, find out where it's coming from and as a general rule, face the light (of course we know that creativity sometimes require breaking the rules).

Tip #3: Mind the background

Make sure that nothing clutters the background. You don't have to have everything perfectly laid out, looking fresh out of a magazine but make sure that the subject (you or something/someone else) isn't competing with that background for attention. Another hint, sometimes, moving forward and away from said background allows it to be less in focus so that you can shine.

Tip #4: Try different angles

We're typically used to the "straight-at-you" type of shots. Next time, try being a bit more creative. Try a top view/birds-eye- view (what some call "flatlay"). Whip up those geometry classes and try at 45° (that would be slightly inclined).

I hope that this was helpful. If yes, leave a comment below. If you'd like to learn more about my work, whether it be photography, graphic and web design, click here.

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