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Ep. 1 | Not So Quick in the DMs

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

It’s easy to talk about the highlights of life and business. It’s harder to talk about the off-days, the mistakes, and failures. In this episode of the Struggle Bus Chronicles, I’m sharing about that time when not being quick enough in replying to DMs hurt the business.

I remember that one moment quite vividly, although it has happened a few other times. I had done everything well when it came to marketing. My Instagram page spoke well and clear of my style, my work ethic, my abilities as a creative. I had worked on delivering satisfactory work to a client, who’d then referred me to others. From there, I’d received an inquiry in my DMs and had replied with professionalism and warmth (both are important pillars in my brand). This potential client and I seemed to connect well. Great… right?

Wrong. As things got hectic with current projects to deliver, life outside of business to show up to, I slowly stopped showing up to that potential client the way they deserved me to. And, because of that, they ended up going with another service provider.

The story doesn’t end here though. The point of doing the Struggle Bus Chronicles is not just to bare the soul of this business out into the world, or to help other freelancers and business owners feel like I can relate to their own struggles in doing business (although these are quite good reasons to share this). The point of the Struggle Bus Chronicles is to evaluate ways to step out of the Struggle Bus. How could I have done better? What can I improve?

For one, this among other things showed me that I needed help. Doing freelance and business is not easy.

Too often, wearing multiple hats becomes a badge of honor and, asking for help, a sign of weakness.

But you know what, I choose ‘weakness’ if that is what asking for help is.

This Struggle Bus experience showed me my limitations. And, I know accepting it is the best way to move forward towards growth. I’m in the process of hiring an assistant (even writing out these words feels surreal still).

In the meantime, share this post with a freelancer or small business owner who can relate and…

Stay tuned for the next episode of the Struggle Bus Chronicles...


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