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that creatively tells captivating stories...

If the package you are looking for is not listed here, please contact me to request a quote...


Visual Portraits | Behind -the-Scenes | Event

1-2 minutes. 1-hour session  | starting at $200

3-6 minutes. 3-hour session  | starting at $450​


Promotional | Program | Fundraising

3-6 minutes. 3 hours. 1 interview  | starting at $400

3-6 minutes. 5 hours. 2 interviews  | starting at $650


Check some of my work by clicking on the video you would like to watch...

Célébration des 33 ans de l'Église Baptiste Bérée
Tipi Tap - a WASH method
Collège Maranatha | MelJeanty & Co
The Impact of Barnabas Christian Leadership Center (BCLC)
Jeni Timoun Nasyonal 2e Edisyon
Bienvenue à l'Académie
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